Luxury Homes in Oldsmar

Oldsmar Luxury Homes When it comes to luxury homes in Oldsmar, there is nothing more distinct. Given these special properties which are guaranteed to sweep you off your feet, it takes someone special to undertake transactions for them. Lipply Real Estate is your best resource if you are in the market for a luxury Oldsmar home.  We have been selling real estate in this area for many years and have the expertise to guide you seamlessly through the process.

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The average price for such luxury homes would perhaps be upwards of $850,000 today and could easily stretch up to a million if not more for waterfront property. So if you are looking to purchase a luxury home here in Oldsmar, be prepared for no less than a dream come true.

We advise you to list out what you seek in a luxury home. Most buyers will expect wine cellars, a gourmet kitchen, a large and luxurious master bath, a resort style pool and spa area, onsite golf course, country club, etc. When inspecting properties for purchase, make inquiries about your neighborhood, nearby restaurants, entertainment options and shopping outlets in the vicinity. Also check out available recreational opportunities at the local country club.

Apart from luxury single family houses, there are townhouses for consideration as well.  Luxury town homes will stretch your budget and meet your expectations. Association fees vary from $200.00 to $700.00 a month depending on the amenities offered.  Many people feel this is money well spent to live a maintenance free life.  These townhouses will be equipped with pools, spas, and tennis courts along with attached garages.

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